Business Optimization: Outsource Your Accounting Needs_

Business Optimization- Outsource Your Accounting Needs

Nowadays, more and more firms are taking the steps toward outsourced business processes amidst slower global markets. Some companies that handle critical functions within the organizations are being forced to halt large chunks of their operations. Hence, to optimize and sustain the business operations – outsource service is an attractive and cost-effective solution. 

Outsourcing is when you contract with an outside provider to do a company’s recurring activities. This includes financial bookkeeping, accounting and reporting, and financial analysis which reduces the cost of business. With the rapid increase of technological advancement around the globe and the countless number of software solutions that outsource service providers offer, business models divert to methods that efficiently reduce costs.

The importance of accounting and bookkeeping until now is being neglected by most start-up companies or even companies which have been operating for years already. Accounting and bookkeeping are two crucial parts of a successful business. 

Bookkeeping involves collecting and recording every bit of data of the business in an organized manner. It should be brief and accurate so that the further process of accounting can be done easily. An overview of the organization and data gathering process is not a technical task to do however, keeping an eye on these important details matters.

These are some of the important factors why you should consider outsourcing:


At the end of the day, it all comes down to you trusting your companies performance figures to another company. Security is the backbone of running a productive business, confidentiality and trust is crucial for the relationship between accountant and company to work. We are professional, honest, and build our reputation not only on quality services but also on the sense of confidentiality we offer to clients. We are following strict protocols to maintain the utmost security of data.

Skill-sets and Experience

It is easier to deal with a firm that is being operated by a chartered or certified accountant. They get the full grasp of what to do and how to do it. An accountant has to record all financial transaction with accuracy that is in line with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The more experience the firm has, the more knowledge it can share to you to help you ease some hurdles in business.

Superior expertise in accounting is an integral part of a company’s growth. CFOs are pressured to provide support for their decision making and raise the standard of adhering to the accounting legislation and principles. Outsourcing helps a company do that while also streamlining processes that are unnecessary, complicated and time-consuming.


Every day, due to cheaper communications and improved infrastructure, operations are more independent from location. This gives any company a much wider choice of business partners and level of expertise than ever. 

Accounting technology advances with the same speed, so a company might not want to get left behind with their bookkeeping. It is resource-draining to try and keep up with all the technological advances of accounting, time and money-wise.

With the continued advancement of technology, accounting and bookkeeping which historically was a tedious process now became easier with just one click of a button. A good accounting firm should have the infrastructure to provide timely and accurate services. While a good infrastructure means efficient labour at a reasonable and cost-effective price.

The bottom line is that company owners and managers gain more time to concentrate on what matters most to their business. In today’s market trend, large and small businesses are now starting to jump on board. They are looking for ways to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and productivity. Outsourcing these responsibilities should turn over to professionals like CRESCO Accounting.

We understand perfectly these key areas. Our team is a full-house Certified Public Accountants with solid experiences in accounting, audit, taxation and advisory. The company has been a preferred and trusted choice of existing clients that brings most of the success rates of new referrals.  The fact that no two company’s has have the same preference in software, we ensure our clients that we make our selves well-versed as to most accounting software solutions. We are in partnership with companies that specialise and automate the manual process of accounting. 

With the strong support of our in-house IT specialists and multi-lingual workforce from Dubai, Philippines and soon to be in Singapore, we pride ourselves on the wide range of business outsourcing services we offer. Book a free consultation with our accountants and together let’s speed up your business.

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