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CRESCO Accounting is a full-service accounting and auditing firm with offices in Seychelles and the United Arab Emirates. A fully owned shared services company in Cebu, Philippines, helps us, to excel clients expectations in responsiveness and pricing.

We started our operation focused on the goal of providing proficient and cost-effective finance and accounting solutions to offshore and onshore clientele while guiding and helping them achieve their full business potential. 

Our in-house professionals have distinct specialisation enabling us to address our clients diverse needs. We are active members of highly reputable professional organisations and have access to a world of knowledge expertise and different resources at our fingertips.

We promise that no matter the size of your business, you are important to our firm and will receive our full attention.

You will also find comfort in knowing that our firm has very low staff turnover. We value each and every employee. We believe that a dedicated, consistent team is an asset to our clients. The learning curve is reduced, and our employees become industry and client specialists.

We understand your expectations of a firm that is not only responsive, but one that will be proactive in regard to changes in your business or personal environment as well as changes in government and accounting regulations. We understand your expectations for realistic solutions in an often complex and highly-regulated environment.

As a further sign of our commitment to quality, CRESCO Accounting got ISO certified.


maricar - Dubai Accounting Firm

Maricar Gonzaga

Head Accounting CRESCO

In a view of accompanying the rapid growth and development of the United Arab Emirates, our firm was established with a clear goal to make our organisation responsive and develop serenely and organically in this ever changing and increasingly competitive market. 

We have established ourselves as one of the key players in the local and international market by gradually becoming a partner of choice with SMEs and individual clients.

Our Accounting and Auditing services offerings are competitive and capable of guiding our clients thought the complexities of Financial Management and Reporting while supporting them in every aspect of their business. 

Our team brings extensive experience and commitment to deliver these services with the highest level of professionalism. We conduct our work in accordance with the highest international standards of accounting and auditing.

Moreover, we have the unwavering support of our mother company CRESCO Holding Ltd.

Our shared values constitute the hallmark of a major group, recognised for its professionalism, stability and integrity.

It is our honor to relaunch our website with the most comprehensive information about the commercial and social activities of the company that plays a major role in making you aware of the services we provide and to share with you the latest offers, products, services and business solutions that we offer and what we can mean to your business.

Get your accounting done by CRESCO Accounting, giving you peace of mind in regards to the legal requirements for bookkeeping and provides you with the figures, you need to effectively run your business.

Taxation is often a big headache for business owners and managers, less because of the amounts paid but in view of the potential hefty fines for non-compliance. Mitigate the risk, employ CRESCO Accounting to take car of it.

Get more of your audit by engaging CRESCO Accounting to check your books, provide an audit report and elaborate on the findings with reference to benchmarks and comparisons with best-in-class firms.

Closing-down the business often proves to be more demanding than anticipated. Our accountants in cooperation with specialists from other firms of CRESCO help you to close your company legally and properly.


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