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A professional chartered firm specialised in full-range accounting services_

CRESCO Accounting is a full-service accounting and auditing firm with offices in the United Arab Emirates, the Seychelles and the Philippines. The cooperation between these offices and extensive load-sharing helps us, to excel clients expectations in responsiveness and pricing.

Our accounting services include helping companies of all sizes, from small to medium enterprises and large conglomerate with business services such as payroll, audit, tax, and liquidation.

We started our operation focused on the goal of providing proficient and cost-effective finance and accounting solutions to offshore and onshore clientele while guiding and helping them achieve their full business potential. 

Our in-house professional chartered accountants have distinct specialisation enabling us to address our clients diverse needs. We are active members of highly reputable accounting professional organisations and have access to a world of knowledge expertise and different resources at our fingertips.

We promise that no matter the size of your business, you are important to our firm and you will receive our full attention.

You will also find comfort in knowing that our firm has a very low staff turnover. We value each and every employee. We believe that a dedicated, consistent team is an asset to our clients. The learning curve is reduced, and our employees become industry and client specialists.

We understand your expectations of an accounting firm to be not only responsive, but to be proactive in regard to changes in your business or personal environment as well as changes in government and accounting regulations. We also understand your demand for realistic solutions in an often complex and highly-regulated environment.

As a further sign of our commitment to quality, CRESCO Accounting got ISO certified. We adhere to local regulations in the relevant jurisdictions we are working in and keep ourselves updated about regulatory changes as you can expect from one of the top auditors in Dubai and the Seychelles, always following to our slogan “Excellence as Attitude.”


maricar - Dubai Accounting Firm

Maricar Gonzaga

Head Accounting CRESCO

With a mission to keep pace with the constant growth and development of the UAE, our organisation’s core focus is to provide our clientele with a suite of best-in-class accounting business services tailor-made to the demands of the ever-evolving and increasingly competitive market.

Taking pride in our prowess and experience as one of the top accounting and auditing firms in the region, we have cemented a strong position as a key player both in the local and international markets. A testament to this milestone is our longstanding partnership with SMEs and high-profile individual clients.

We offer an array of competitive accounting consultancy services designed to guide our clients in the intricacies of Financial Management and Reporting while providing them with dedicated support in every facet of their business. These include accounting and bookkeeping services; accounting and payroll; accounting and tax services, VAT services in UAE, and payroll outsourcing services, to name a few.

Our team of expert accountants & auditors in Dubai, UAE are globally acclaimed for their experience and commitment in delivering these services with superior levels of professionalism. We value your trust, which is why we conduct our work in compliance with the highest international standards of accounting and auditing.

With the unwavering support of our mother company CRESCO Holding Ltd., we have become one of the best accounting companies in the region’s accounting and auditing industry. Our shared values comprise the hallmark of an esteemed group renowned for its integrity, stability, and professionalism.

We are honoured to relaunch our website with the most comprehensive information regarding the social and commercial activities of the company. This will play a crucial role in making you aware of the accountancy services we offer. Moreover, it will also keep you abreast of the latest offers, products, accounting business services, and solutions we provide and how they can dramatically impact your enterprise.

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Looking for professionals? You found them!

CRESCO Accounting is a motivated, certified team of professional accountants, that energetically takes on the task, to get your accounting inline with legal requirements and your expectations. The team is supported by a highly skilled IT team, that helps to implement the latest technology and efficiently builds interfaces into feeder systems according to the needs of clients.

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CRESCO Accounting in the news_

CRESCO Accounting publishes regularly articles about accounting and accounting related topics in “Today”, one of the leading newspapers in the Seychelles.

Doing Business in the time of COVID-19_

Dear clients and business partners,

COVID-19 is heavily interfering with local and international business activities worldwide. Among others, this affects international travels to Dubai, Mahé, Cebu, Hyderabad or San José – the locations of our offices.

Given the continuously tougher measures against the virus, we have put in place a “Home Office” approach for most of us. Therefore we ask you to contact us before visiting one of our offices and we offer valuable alternatives instead.

It proves to be an advantage, that we are early adapters when it comes to the use of information technology. Therefore we are happy to offer you different ways to communicate with us:

  • In-house Information Exchange Platforms
  • Video Conferencing
  • Electronic Signature Platforms
  • Chat services (WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Signal, Threema)

CRESCO Accounting clients can use the simple “scan-and-file” solution provided by CRESCO Accounting to avoid having to travel and visit the office.

We are here for you and ready to serve. Let’s overcome this challenge together.

Let's face the challenge together.

CRESCO - We are here to serve

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Doing Business in the time of COVID-19