Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

CRESCO accounting offers an extensive range of accounting and bookkeeping services to small and mid-sized companies and individual clients_


Our accounting services_

Our commitment is to provide timely, accurate financial information without compromise, enabling more efficient daily operations through meaningful, well-organized records prepared by our auditors and accountants.

Our firm provides a full range of cost effective accounting services and a dedicated online portal where you can review real time data and generate automatic reports about your businesses finances.

Access your accounting data online_

Access relevant accounting data through CRESCO Accounting’s online portal with a dashboard overview of cost, expenses, profit, liquidity, and accounts receivable. Upload documents for processing and track progress, with easy communication with assigned accountants.


Our company provides a hassle-free bookkeeping solution that caters the needs of startups and established businesses. Our clients gain access to a team of highly skilled bookkeepers and accounting professionals, eliminating the necessity of hiring them in-house.

Our Bookkeeping Services:

1. Accounts Payable Management (Vendor Bills and Payments)
2. Accounts Receivable Management (Customer Invoices and Collections)
3. Bank Reconciliation
4. Inventory Management
5. Recording and Reconciling Payroll Transactions
6. Revenue Reconciliation with Bank Deposits


Experience the benefits of our affordable Controller Services, designed specifically for Small and Medium-sized businesses. Our team of expert CPAs brings extensive knowledge to the table and effectively prepare, forecast, and analyze operating budgets with precision and insight.

Our Controller Services can be customized to fit your needs

1. Supervision and review of accounting staff’s work
2. Ensuring all revenue and expenses incurred during the period has been recorded properly
3. Fixed Asset Management
4. Reconciliation of All Balance Sheet Accounts
5. Preparation of Adjusting and Closing Entries
6. Preparation of Financial Statements


Discover the advantages of our flexible Part-time CFO services, providing comprehensive financial management without the cost of a full-time CFO. Our dedicated team consists of a skilled CPA, Accounting Specialist, and a dedicated Customer Support Contact.

Our CFO Services:

1. Budgets and Forecasting
2. Cash Flow Management
3. Key Performance Indicators
4. Financial Analysis
5. Special Projects
6. Financing
7. Working with Professionals (CPA, Banker, Attorney etc)


CRESCO Accounting offers customized Payroll Services which have the potential to save your business substantial costs as compared to an in house payroll professional. All your payroll information will be maintained accurately and securely.

Our Payroll Services:

1. Accurate Paydays
2. Direct Deposit
3. Professional Payroll Processing – pay checks and pay slips
4. Payments to independent contractors
5. Vacation and sick pay tracking
6. All major pay types: salary, hourly wages, multiple pay rates, bonuses, expense reimbursements, allowances, holidays etc.

Our Service Packages_

Forensic Accounting -
Detect fraud and misconduct_

Exposing fraudulent activities requires a unique blend of accounting expertise and detective skills. That’s where forensic accounting comes in. By seamlessly integrating accounting principles with investigative techniques, forensic accountants specialize in unveiling financial crimes, such as property crimes, civil disputes, and false claims.

At our firm, our accountants diligently investigate cases of fraud, meticulously gathering evidence, and present their findings with expert testimony or comprehensive reports.


Identifying financial fraud committed by staff or individual

Post-acquisition disputes, warranty breaches, etc.

Calculation of economic damages due to contract breach

Investigation on compliance with anti-corruption measures

Cases of reorganization, bankruptcy, or insolvency

Fraud related to securities, tax, money laundering

Prevention of fraud and dealing with false claims Act

Disputes related to financial reporting

Business valuation and re-valuation

Why businesses love us_

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