#LadyBoss – Capitalize on the Feminine Principle

LadyBoss – Capitalize on the Feminine Principle

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Maricar Gonzaga

Maricar Gonzaga

Managing Director

As per recent statistics, the Philippines is reported to have topped Grant Thornton International’s 2020 Women in Business with the most number of women occupying senior management positions. The annual report studied 32 countries and found that this year, 43 percent of the Philippines’ top leadership roles are held by women. 

The Philippines beat South Africa, Poland, Mexico, and Indonesia in the survey, which closed the top five slots of the said report. The Philippines also outranked the U.S., U.K., U.A.E., South Korea, Germany, France, Spain, and a number of other countries and economies. Japan ranked last in the survey.

My friend sent me the above statistics we argued, probably because of the very interesting fact that the Philippines has the least friendly maternity benefits given to women in the workplace – but we don’t need to expound it here. 

Nevertheless, they must try to achieve their goal by intensifying their own innate qualities, not by trying to imitate the behaviour or way of life of the other.  Being inclined to the mindset that one should be better than the other only demonstrates the lack of understanding and empathy towards people in general. 

Who run the world? Girls! A very powerful line from Beyonce – but I don’t completely subscribe to the idea suggested. Personally, this is more of telling us that one should either be better than or should outdo the other. 

Let me bring you, however, to the part of the lyrics of the song that goes “My persuasion can build a nation, endless power, our love we can devour, you’ll do anything for me”. This line brings me to one of the essentials of true leadership, Persuasiveness – a very innate characteristic found to be more prevalent in women. Such powerful trait help women become the best version of themselves. 

Note that this article is not about the distinct characteristics of women leaders, or how to be a good #LadyBoss – you can find so many online articles about that already; let me leave that job to you. 

Ultimately, as women, we should completely break free from the thought that we need to imitate men, that we need to do things without them, or that we should replace them. What we need to do instead is highlight and capitalize on the quintessential feminine characteristics in the way we live, be it about raising families or building business empires, or both. 

After all, we do not shine the brightest when we try to outshine each other – rather, we shine the brightest when we shine together. 

Here’s to vulnerability, humility, empathy, resilience, entrepreneurial spirit, and persuasiveness – feminine principles that are essential and effective in leadership and living the best life. 

Happy International Women’s Month! 

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