CRESCO ACCOUNTING provides liquidation services to free zone companies, offshore companies as well as limited liability companies across UAE_

Charmaine Estrada

Senior Accountant

We help you to end it properly_

We have a team of highly experienced practitioners who regularly work on various type of liquidations. 

Our liquidation experts provide clients with a straight-forward and cost effective process that brings the company to an orderly end while providing formal closure and certainty to the affairs of the company. 

In order to provide our services we generally require that an entity is solvent and able to pay its debts, in good standing with government authorities; able to sign indemnity in favour of the appointed liquidator and not subject to any pending litigation. 

In the due course of a liquidation, CRESCO Accounting can rely on the support of its sister companies: Hensley&Cook, the specialists in providing Corporate Services can help us handling the closing of companies with all power of attorneys and other documentation required.

In case of outstanding Account Receivables, CRESCO Accounting can count on the help of SmartMoney when it comes to collect the money, and CRESCO Legal can help in case of check cases with banks or other legal issues.

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Preparation of
Liquidation Plan


Provision of a liquidator for a simple voluntary liquidation


Provide advise on voluntary liquidation vs. strike off


Provide advise on questions of complex insolvency law


Preparation of appropriate documentation for company strike - off

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